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Media, Pop Culture, Sciences, Medicine, Books, Film, Poetry, Art, Disability I’m a poet, essayist, and science writer in Maine. My work appears in national publications including The Atlantic, bitch magazine, Bright Wall/Dark Room, Rogue Agent, Doubleback Review, and many others. I like moss and dancing and thunderstorms and little bats with big ears.
Pop Culture, Books, Film, Music, Disability Culture, Accessibility, Criticism, Education, Disability, Relationships, Sexuality, Travel, Lifestyle, Beauty I am a freelance writer from New Jersey. My work has appeared in The New York Times, BuzzFeed, Vogue India, Huffington Post among other publications. I received by B.A in Economics from New York University and I'm currently back at NYU pursuing a Master’s in Journalism. I'm also working on a memoir about how one diagnosis led her on a path in search of family, love, and a cure. Along with writing about my personal health journey, I edit and create copy for websites and teach writing workshops. I’m also the editor of Aaj Kal magazine for the American Women’s Club in Mumbai.
Medicine, Law, Disability Culture, Education, Disability, Travel, Lifestyle 22 year old with multiple chronic illnesses, attempting to help others on their health journey and hope they don't have to be dismissed and ignored like I was at the beginning ! I am a recent university graduate who loves coffee, bullet journalling and fashion !
Books, Accessibility, Disability, Technology Meryl Evans is an accessibility and marketing consultant, author, and co-author of Adapting Web Standards: CSS and Ajax for Big Sites. She works with accessibility companies in accessibility and marketing. She’s a highly sought speaker on the topics of accessibility and inclusion with a focus on people with disabilities. She’s renowned for sharing her stories and lived experience as a person who happened to be born hearing-free, aka profoundly deaf. She has spoken at AccessU, ID24, Content Marketing World, and’s AccessibilityPlus. Her most recent forays include delving into accessibility in virtual reality working with XR Access and the W3C Immersive Captions Community Group.
Poetry, Fiction, Disability Culture, Accessibility, Disability Rights, Education, Americans with Disabilities Act, Technology, Lifestyle I’m an African American woman who identifies as deafblind. I love to write, tell stories. I’m currently enjoying cooking healthier foods
Media, Pop Culture, Books, Film, Television, Poetry, Fiction, Music, Politics, Disability Culture, Criticism I'm an autistic/ADHD poet, critic, and occasional fiction writer. I grew up in New Hampshire but have lived all over, including San Francisco and Boston. Since 2017 though I've been in a decent corner of Philadelphia. So far I've published two poetry chapbooks, Mark The Place and Adore. My essays and criticism meanwhile have been featured in Paste Magazine, Nerdist, Punknews, Certified Forgotten, No Recess! Magazine, and Mercury Magazine. I've also got a 2700 word essay on John Carpenter that's supposed to be out soon, but who knows? Other weird achievements include singing in two punk bands, recording EPs with said bands before breaking up, writing a recurring column about protest music, co-hosting a podcast about an FX cop show, and editing three books. Always available for editing and writing work.
Media, Music, Politics, Disability Culture, Accessibility, Disability Rights, Disability, Technology, Travel I'm a blind and chronically ill story-teller and campaigner from Aotearoa New Zealand,, temporarily based in Norway. I hold a Masters of Investigative Journalism from Gothenburg University in Sweden. i host and produce the Disability Crosses Bborders podcast and blog, which features conversations with guests where disability, migration and culture meet. I have written for New Zealand and international outlets, including The Conversation, Newshub, RNZ, The Spinoff, Pantograph Punch, Rooted in Rights and Overland Magazine. My Masters thesis explores the practice of climate change journalism in Aotearoa NZ. In Aotearoa, I interned as a reporter with national media outlet Newshub. I also worked as a campaigner for accessibility law, and on two disability-related interview projects. I campaigned, especially for fossil fuel divestment, with climate justice organisation 350 Aotearoa, and have also worked with them on resources for making climate action more accessible.