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Pop Culture, Sciences, Medicine, Poetry, Fiction, Ethics, Disability Culture, Accessibility, Disability Rights, History, Criticism, Education, Americans with Disabilities Act, Feminism, LGBQT, Disability, Relationships, Sexuality, Lifestyle I'm a disabled woman from the southern US who survived a pineal tumor, incomplete spinal cord injury and massive neurological injuries. I work to raise awareness of disability and public health issues, but also write a variety of things.
Pop Culture, Books, Film, Television, Art, Music, Disability Culture, Disability Rights, Criticism, Feminism, LGBQT, Disability, Sexuality, Travel Delia Harrington is a Boston-based queer nonbinary arts and culture journalist, focusing their writing on this area since 2017. They have a background in grassroots activism and over a decade in communications work for human rights/social services nonprofits and state government. They have bylines in Artnet, ARTnews, Healthline, Bezzy Migraine, Xtra, Paste, Dame Magazine,, Polygon, Nerdist, Ravishly, The Rumpus, Den of Geek, and more. They are a member of GALECA, the Society of LGBTQ Entertainment Critics, and their entertainment reviews are listed on Rotten Tomatoes.