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Pop Culture, Books, Television, Poetry, Fiction, Art, Philosophy, Accessibility, Disability Rights, History, Criticism, Feminism, Disability, Beauty Disabled writer fighting for inclusivity and accessibility in a third world country
Media, Disability Culture, Disability Rights, Education, Disability Abaga is a freelance journalist with five years of working experience. He has written for both national and international platforms.
Poetry, Fiction, Disability Ashley E. Kauffman is from Carlisle, Pennsylvania. She has enjoyed writing since she used her imagination to bring her first story to life in second grade. Ashley received her B.A. in English and her M.Ed. in Children’s Literature through Penn State University. She is an avid collector of vinyl records, Golden Books, and vintage typewriters. Ashley is legally blind and considers herself to be a differently-abled person who has spent her life envisioning the world with the turn of each page.
Pop Culture, Books, Art, Music, Beauty I'm disabled. I write. Good stuff.
Sciences, Military, Disability Culture, Disability Rights, Feminism, LGBQT, Disability, Service Animals, Travel Ten Barna is a writer and engineer living in San Diego and writing about disability in outdoor adventures and their background in the Coast Guard. Their essays have appeared on The War Horse and Catapult Magazine websites, and in several anthologies. Ten co-edited the anthology of military essays Incoming-Sex, Drugs, and Copenhagen: Veteran Writers on Escapism. She was awarded Crab Orchard Review’s 2017 John Guyon Literary Nonfiction Prize for an essay about PTSD and finding healing by backpacking with their service dog, Elu. Ten is a Coast Guard veteran living in San Diego, California, where they work as a ship design engineer and technical writer.
Sciences, Medicine, Poetry, Music, Politics, Disability Culture, Accessibility, Disability Rights, Americans with Disabilities Act, Disability, Relationships, Sexuality I have been disabled with ME/CFS since freshman year of college--but only in last two years have I become severe and homebound. I have always wanted to do science journalism and to help people "rethink medicine" and the history of medicine--and this calling combined with my lived experience is now more important than ever given the way we're letting this disease explode in the form of "long COVID" which 10s of millions are surviving with every day now in the US alone.
Art, Philosophy, Disability Culture, Accessibility, Disability Rights, Criticism, Feminism, Disability, Sexuality I'm a British/Irish woman living in Amsterdam. I'm mainly known for having written Quiet London and other books in the 'quiet' series but am also an artist, lecturer and curator. I'm currently writing a book about contemporary drawing practices but enjoy writing about photography, and anything which might support disabled people worldwide. I'm a member of the NUJ and am on the Disabled Members Council. I have MS, hearing loss, Meniere's Disease and dyspraxia. I have an electric tricycle so can cycle to the Outsider Art Ateliers in Amsterdam where I am a weekly volunteer.
Sciences, Poetry, Fiction, Politics, Disability Culture, Accessibility, Disability Rights, Education, Food, Disability, Travel, Lifestyle Hi! I'm Devaki, and I'm a writer & journalist with ME/CFS! I'm open to any and all freelance work with a particular interest in disability culture, Indian culture, food journalism, politics, and online communities!
Media, Pop Culture, Books, Film, Television, Fiction, Disability Culture, Accessibility, Disability Rights, Criticism, Education, Americans with Disabilities Act, Feminism, LGBQT, Disability, Sexuality Fin Leary (he/they) is an award-winning Boston-based “Swiss army knife” of publishing. He has an MA in publishing and writing from Emerson College, and a BA in journalism and professional writing from Westfield State University. He is currently a program manager at We Need Diverse Books, and a faculty member at Emerson College in the Writing and Publishing Department. Fin is also a book reviewer at Booklist. His work has been published in the New York Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, Good Housekeeping, Refinery29, Glamour, Chicago Tribune, Cosmopolitan, Teen Vogue, Allure, Narratively, The Rumpus, Marie Claire, and more.
Media, Medicine, Film, Television, Architecture, Art, Music, Disability Culture, Disability Rights, History, Education, Americans with Disabilities Act, Religion, Disability, Relationships, Technology, Travel, Lifestyle, Beauty Hello, my name is Giovanni Ruiz. I love writing and that’s always been a passion. I’ve worked in the business world, entrepreneur world, and also the science world.