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Media, Books, Film, Fiction, Music, Politics, Disability Culture, Accessibility, Disability Rights, Criticism, Feminism, Race, Disability, Technology, Travel Suswati Basu is a multilingual disabled editor, founder of the five-time award-nominated How To Be Books site and its corresponding podcast. She has been shortlisted for the Guardian Mary Stott Prize and longlisted for the Guardian International Development Journalism Award. Suswati has also worked as deputy editor for NationalWorld news, and digital editor for Channel 4 News, and ITV News, as well as written for the Guardian and trained at the BBC.
Media, Pop Culture, Sciences, Medicine, Books, Film, Poetry, Art, Disability I’m a poet, essayist, and science writer in Maine. My work appears in national publications including The Atlantic, bitch magazine, Bright Wall/Dark Room, Rogue Agent, Doubleback Review, and many others. I like moss and dancing and thunderstorms and little bats with big ears.
Books, Poetry, Fiction, Art, Music, Ethics, Disability Culture, Disability I am disabled creative, David Cleofas Avila. Diagnosed during my teen years with schizophrenia, I write and make art & music to better square away the sequelae of my life. I have earned a B.A. in Psychology and am a proud Paul Harris Fellow. Musically and professionally, I have worked with Scott Amendola, Doug Grean, and the late Gary Young, to name a few. Visually speaking, my first painting, Hope For Tomorrow, is in the Susan Flemming family collection, curated by Lee Marx. My book, Lightward: The Journey Of Startus Maximus, Book One, is available on Kindle.
Media, Pop Culture, Books, Film, Poetry, Architecture, Art, Music, Politics, Ethics, Disability Culture, Accessibility, Disability Rights, Criticism, Americans with Disabilities Act, Food, Disability Inside a triple collapse of neurological degeneration, societal upheaval and environmental degradation, John Hoppin is a San Leandro-based disabled poet, artist and life-actor, the creator of Hoppin Hot Sauce and host of the What's The Matter With Me? Podcast. he/him
Media, Television, Accessibility, Disability Rights, History, Criticism, Education, Feminism, Race, LGBQT, Disability, Sexuality Lushik Lotus-Lee is a podcast producer and editor who has produced for NPR’s Hidden Brain, MSNBC'S Into America, Stitcher's Reality with the King, LAist studios, KCRW, FreshEd, ASU and VPM’s Seizing Freedom. At 16 she earned a scholarship to study at the United World College in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She graduated from Bennington College with a concentration in Media and Social Justice. Lushik is passionate about producing podcasts and documentaries that focus on issues affecting marginalized populations around the world.
Media, Sciences, Books, Music, Politics, Disability Culture, Technology, Travel James is a freelance writer from London, UK. After obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering, he subsequently became ill with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (PoTS). This chronic illness had a debilitating impact, but led to a new career in freelance writing. He primarily covers technology, especially the intersection between politics, society, and the internet. That said, he has a wide range of interests including mental health, music, mindfulness, politics, and science.
Pop Culture, Books, Film, Television, Theatre, Art, Music, Politics, History, Criticism, Food, Religion, LGBQT, Sexuality Joshua Encinias writes about entertainment and culture. His work appears in MovieMaker Magazine and Brooklyn Magazine. He's based in NYC and you can find him on X @joshencinias.
Books, Sports, Disability Culture, Disability Rights, Criticism, Americans with Disabilities Act, Disability Along with coaching soccer, author Scott Martin has returned to the classroom as a teacher in Wisconsin. Martin has become a known advocate for the disability community through his podcast, Life’s a Road Trip. Wanting to help the advancement of prosthetics and public awareness of amputee abilities, he has participated in research projects for the University of Washington and Johns Hopkins University. He holds an advanced national coaching license and has spent more than 30 years coaching soccer at select youth, high school, and college levels. He’s worked with prominent national coaches both here and abroad. Recently, another of Martin’s teams won a state championship. Also of note, Martin has been named a Global Advisor for the worldwide disability organization, Billion Strong.
Media, Law, Poetry, Politics, History, Food, Disability, Technology, Travel, Lifestyle, Beauty As a producer at CNBC Digital Video's Markets & Politics team, I have been covering the intersection of business, policy, and climate for over a year and a half. I created and report for the "Weird Economy" series, which uncovers the invisible market forces behind everything from blood and dirt, to supply chain madness and counterfeit food. I also produce videos for the "Fed Notes" series, which explains the Federal Reserve's actions and impact on the economy. My mission is to inform and engage the audience with compelling and creative storytelling on the most pressing issues facing our society and planet. I have a master's degree in Business Journalism from Arizona State University's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, which I completed in 2021. Before joining CNBC, I worked as a digital production associate at ABC News, where I produced an hourly headline show on ABC News Live. I also participated in the Dow Jones News Fund for business reporting in New York City in 2017. I can roll a mean burrito. I am proud to be neurodivergent. I battle chronic illness day to day. I rescue hamsters and watch horror movies.
Medicine, Film, Theatre, Art, Accessibility, History, Criticism, Education, LGBQT, Disability, Sexuality Alexandra Box (b. 1997) is a transdisciplinary artist, art administrator, and researcher who is studying the history of art at the University of Toronto. Currently, Alexandra is completing a CGS-M SSHRC-supported project on Claude Cahun and serves on the Board of Directors at Forest City Gallery, artist-run centre as the Chair of Policy & Governance. Alexandra’s art historical research leaps between disablement in art, artist personae, extractivism, institutional critique, and anti-fascisms. Arriving from positions in book lending, selling and making initiatives, Alexandra approaches writing as an extension of this trade. Alexandra’s work has been published by Hearth, Painwise Press, Peripheral Review and The Capilano Review. Currently taking on access consulting, alt-text/image description, and access guide writing work.