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An individual is sitting with a white cup of coffee and the individual has a condition that impacts his arms, which and smaller and deformed.
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A voice for the voiceless and an advocate for the powerless, David uses his written word to scream the Truth to the world that’s been lied to. Through a medium combining the culture of today, his creative writing skills, and the Word of God, he communicates the story of a relentless, restoring God to various ages, cultures, and people groups all over the world. David grew up in the city of Durham, learning the rawness of sin, the depths of grace, and the culture of society from the city’s people–the popular, the outcasted, and the unique. Going to many different churches, David has met many different types of people. He reaches people through his blog, where he writes about life and his walk with Christ. After struggling with suicidal thoughts and depression, David has a new-found passion for the beloved people of God and has followed God’s calling into ministry. Now, bringing the people to the Church and the Church to the people, David has brought the message of the Gospel to students and many different people by relating to people through his own struggles and hardships. He remains to share the Love of Christ and has inspired countless people, schools, youth groups, churches, pastors, and worship leaders. In his normal, daily life, he is a college student at Liberty University and lover of coffee, sour patch kids, and rainy days. He has spoken to both Christian and secular groups about his story and his struggles. David attends Liberty University and is in pursuit of his Bachelor of Science in Pastoral Leadership. Additionally, David enjoys hanging with his friends and serving others. David hopes and prays that God will use him to start a revolution in hearts of “this dying world.” He hopes that you enjoy and find comfort in his writings. David is currently penning his first book. David also has a notably rare condition that impacts around 150 people worldwide known as TAR Syndrome — leaving David with a physical disability that is visible to all. David has had a great view of what living with a disability is like and desires to educate a world that doesn't understand what it's like to live with a disability. David wants to start a conversation about disability inclusion, rights, and understanding in a world that fails even to give disabled people a seat at the table of society.
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