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[Image Description: Selfie of Kathryne Grimm, a non-binary trans person with very pale skin. They are looking directly into the camera. Their long curly black hair is mostly over their right shoulder, and they are wearing a black shift dress with black embroidery.]
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Kathryne Grimm (née Husk) is an award-winning and nationally exhibited fine art conceptual figurative photographer and queer disability activist whose work focuses on using femme and non-binary bodies to initiate a dialogue about issues facing the disabled. They were the recent subject of the short documentary “Kathryne: Uncensored”, and their artwork has been published in various literary journals and art magazines. Kathryne’s activist work has lead to numerous lectures and presentations on disability rights and issues facing the disability community. Their current focus is breaking down the barriers of how disabled bodies are viewed in contemporary art and in society, and bringing awareness to the lack of accessibility within the Kansas City arts scene.
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