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Just me, feeling particularly excited that it had become Fall coat weather.
United States
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I am a writer with professional and personal experiences being the greatest source of my expanding skill sets. I have been writing for over 40 years both professionally and personally. I currently offer my skills and time to write for a broad array of clients. I am available for short and long term projects. Extensive life experience Prior Director of Sales for large event production company Prior Restaurant & Brewery Operator Prior Radio Segment Producer Prior Radio Dj Prior Radio Copy Writer Life long writer of story and poetry Currently, I travel around the country, with a focus on Wisconsin, California, and Hawaii and write about my experiences as well as review events.
Film, Architecture, Politics, Ethics, Philosophy, Accessibility, Food, Feminism, LGBQT, Sexuality, Travel
Personal Essays, Opinion Editorial, Investigative Journalism, Photojournalism, Enterprise Features, Essays, Copyediting, Sensitivity Reading, Radio Appearances, Television Appearances, Podcast Appearances
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2019 Recipient of the Jo Curry Award