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A white femme looks just beyond the camera in a three-quarter view, their chin lifted. They have a short brown mohawk. They're draped in navy silk over their shoulders and torso. They have two delicate silver rings pierced in their septum. They have dark pinkish lipstick and tassel earrings in a lighter shade of pink. Their eyelashes are long, their eyes are blue, and their eyebrows are carefully arched.
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Ace Tilton Ratcliff lives and works in sunny Boynton Beach, Florida a pack of wild beastlings. Their activism is focused on disability justice, since they live with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, endometriosis, and a host of other issues. They’re an artist, photographer, and model who co-owns an in-home veterinary practice called Harper’s Promise with their husband after six years of work in the human deathcare industry as a funeral director, embalmer, and crematory operator. They write nonfiction and fiction. They have bylines at places like io9, Huffington Post, Catapult, Narratively, Eater, The Establishment, Bustle, Bitch Media, Fireside Fiction, and Uncanny Magazine. They've performed sensitivity reads for places like Penguin Random House, Rosen Publishing, and Blazing Griffin. Their voice as a disability activist has also been featured in The Economist, The Guardian, and Chuck Wendig's Terrible Minds. Ace has been featured on several podcasts, including Maximum Fun's Reading Glasses, WNYC's Note to Self, Flash Forward, and Disability After Dark. They've also were the focus of an Upworthy video about fighting for accessibility as an ambulatory wheelchair user. If Ace isn't trying to break their perpetual to-be-read mountain into smaller piles, they’re probably tweeting @mortuaryreport
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BA in Political Science with a minor in Political Science from the University of Central Florida in Orlando, FL BS in Funeral Services from American River College in Sacramento, CA