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Headshot of Devon Banfield. She has curly brown hair, thick brown eyebrows, red lips, and green eyes. She is wearing a white collared shirt and a red blazer.
Website and social media
Twitter: @DevonCBanfield Instagram: @DCBanfield
DC Banfield is a 21-year-old transmedia journalist, photojournalist, women's health researcher, and writer. She lives with endometriosis, adenomyosis, chronic pain, and sciatica. She loves telling the stories of those who have been voiceless, broadcasting quality journalism, and telling stories from new and interesting angles. Her work includes a book on gynaecological pain and endometriosis, E.I.C of her University newspaper "On the Hour", and a body of articles focusing mainly on the environment, human rights, and women's health.
Media, Disability Culture, Feminism, LGBQT, Disability, Relationships, Sexuality, Travel, Lifestyle, Beauty
Source, Personal Essays, Opinion Editorial, Reported Features, Investigative Journalism, Photojournalism, Enterprise Features, Essays, Radio Appearances, Television Appearances, Podcast Appearances
Additional Credentials
Recipient of the Susan Anton Clark award for bringing empathy to sensitive issues.