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Image is a headshot of Kit Mead, a white nonbinary person with short brown hair and glasses.
United States
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I write about injustice, historical contexts for ableism such as eugenics, policy issues affecting disabled people such as psychiatric inpatient facilities, and intersecting identities. My expertise for such work is research, study, professional disability rights work, and lived experience as a low-income Autistic, nonbinary/queer writer with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and mental health disabilities. I am also studying to convert to Judaism. Previous work has appeared in NOS Magazine, The Deaf Poets Society, and The Establishment. In addition to essays and opinion pieces, I am available for sensitivity reads and editing work.
Media, Fiction, Politics, Disability Culture, Disability Rights, History, LGBQT, Disability
Source, Personal Essays, Opinion Editorial, Reported Features, Essays, Editing, Sensitivity Reading
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