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Woman with brown hair stands at a mic, performing poetry on a stage. She wears blue jeans and a blue long sleeve
Website and social media Instagram: @bones_of_fire Twitter: BonesOfFire
Poetry is the first thing I believed in. Writer was the first name I called herself. Art is how I learned to be honest with herself; healing is a whole body process, one I begun by listening to myself, no longer pretending away chronic illness. Slam poetry taught me to stop asking permission to speak. I compete in slam to show young queer folks how powerful our voices are and show one survivor at a time, that there is at least one person ready to listen. Pre covid, I taught poetry in Bay Area schools giving younger generations the tools that I used to rebuild. I am a grant writer and teaching artist with Bay Area Creative which brings nationally ranked slam poets to local schools. Right now, I'm working on a chapbook about the mythology of disease and internal and external structures that impact chronically ill bodies. As an autistic disabled returned-from-exile-Jewish queer survivor, who is higher risk for Covid, I've been reflecting how many mutual aid network have been lifelines through this pandemic. Most are skeletons whose bones were carved by disabled communities, as we have derived our own structures to protect each other. I've been a community organizers for many years around intersectional feminism, dismantling systems of oppression, disability justice, Israel-Palestine, social justice education. I can offer sensitivity reading as well as consulting on accessibility for my visible as well as invisible disabilities, as well as accessibility for service dog handlers. I can also bring spoken word and page poetry workshops geared to a variety of demographics to a space. I consult in regards to social justice education.
Poetry, Politics, Accessibility, Disability Rights, History, Education, Feminism, LGBQT, Disability, Sexuality, Service Animals
Source, Personal Essays, Opinion Editorial, Essays, Criticism, Copyediting, Editing, Sensitivity Reading, Radio Appearances, Television Appearances, Podcast Appearances
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MFA in Creative Writing 2020 Bachelors in Poetry 2016 ECE Master Teacher Spoken word Poetry teacher and coach