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Myself, a woman with shoulder length light brown hair smiling at the camera
The United States of America
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I am a creative non-fiction writer, former high school English teacher, mom and a chronically ill neurodivergent person. Lyme disease seemed to be the instigating infection behind a host of problems from fibromyalgia, to dairy and gluten sensitivities, to hypoglycemia, to bradycardia, to autoimmune issues like Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. I am also a self-identified autistic woman with ADHD. These parts of myself make me very interested in disability representation. I believe sharing stories of our disabilities can lead to medical breakthroughs and to breakthroughs in how we, and our children, feel about our presence in the world. I have been published at The Rumpus, Full Grown People, Rooted in Rights and The Manifest-Station among other credits.
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