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Image Description
Image is a headshot of Emmagayle Harper. She is a white woman with shoulder length auburn hair and green eyes. She is wearing a black t-shirt and has black square framed glasses on and is wearing makeup. Behind her is a blue-green curtain, a white chair and a white desk lamp.
Website and social media
Emmagayle Harper is a disabled freelance journalist from Glasgow, Scotland. A creative wheelchair user with a determination and passion for journalism who has had published work for the Scottish Sun's online and print publications as well as pieces published online for student publication the Clyde Insider. I am particularly passionate about writing about disability issues, LGBTQ+ issues and activism especially in Scotland, as well as pop culture and lifestyle topics.
Media, Pop Culture, Television, Music, Politics, Disability Culture, Accessibility, Feminism, LGBQT, Disability, Lifestyle, Beauty
Personal Essays, Opinion Editorial, Reported Features, Investigative Journalism
Additional Credentials
I have a HND qualification in Practical Journalism and an NQ in Media certified by the Scottish Qualifications Authority .