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A smiling African American male with locs, wearing thin-framed glasses and a light blue button down shirt
United States of America
Website and social media Facebook: Timotheus "T.J." Gordon Jr. Twitter: @blackautist, @timgordonjr Instagram: @blackautist, @timotheusgordonjr Youtube: The Black Autist, Timotheus "Pharaoh" Gordon
Timotheus "T.J." Gordon Jr. is an autistic self-advocate, activist, social media enthusiast, and writer in the Chicagoland area, who focuses on autism acceptance in the African Diaspora, police violence towards people with disabilities, diverse learning, and disability culture. He is the creator of the Black Autist, a Tumblr blog where he explores and promotes works related to autism and disability acceptance in the African Diaspora. As a poet also known as Pharaoh Inkabuss, Gordon uses his written and spoken poetry to discuss his multiple identities as a black, autistic man, along with his viewpoints on black culture, hip-hop, nerdom, and love.
Media, Pop Culture, Film, Television, Poetry, Art, Sports, Disability Culture, Disability Rights, Criticism, Race, Disability, Relationships, Sexuality
Source, Personal Essays, Opinion Editorial, Reported Features, Investigative Journalism, Photojournalism, Essays, Radio Appearances, Television Appearances, Podcast Appearances
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MFA in Writing from SCAD - Atlanta Master of Science in Disability and Human Development from the University of Illinois at Chicago Writing poetry since high school, writing essays, articles, and blog posts since 2011 Event photographer since 2012