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A female person with dreadlocks is standing and smiling at the camera. Behind her sits a large valley of green mountains and a stream that becomes a waterfall. The person is wearing a light blue t-shirt under a navy blue rainjacket. Her hair is frizzly and all over the place due to the high winds.
United States
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I am a Deaf nomadic storyteller with a burning passion for exploring and creating impactful art that pushes the world to become more inclusive. Authenticity is always an essential element that I include in my work to create a visually compelling message. The message itself is as important as the design and appearance, which is often untraditional and diverse. I am eager to leap into the unknown, whether that might be a hot desert, cool rainforest, or a peak of a snowy mountain. My approach to creating memorable adventures is quite similar to how I approach my design and photography strategy. I am ambitious to find traveling photojournalism assignments to raise awareness of the issues regarding human rights. Additionally, I also strive to communicate the severe impact on our Earth by climate change through my silent perspective in photography.
Media, Art, Music, Disability Culture, Accessibility, Disability Rights, Religion, LGBQT, Disability, Service Animals, Travel, Lifestyle
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BFA in Visual Media from School of Photographic Arts and Sciences | RIT Certified in Wilderness First Aid Dean's List few times