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Chest-up portrait of a white person with short, cropped black hair wearing thin, black glasses, dark lipstick, silver hoops, lip rings and a septum ring, and a striped shirt. The background shows a white wall with green pothos vines hanging down on either side.
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sb. smith is a disabled Creative Writing and Sociology student with expertise editing work by disabled writers and work about disability or related topics. She is the Editor for Disabled Voices Anthology, and has extensive editing experience through their time with Navigator Student Press. Her workhas been published in Maclean’s, anti-lang., Rooted in Rights, Portal, Sad Girl Review, Navigator Student Press, and more. Before university, they spent two years hosting a radio program called "Into It" which featured pop culture news and criticism.
Pop Culture, Poetry, Fiction, Art, Music, Disability Culture, Accessibility, Disability Rights, Criticism, Feminism, Disability
Source, Personal Essays, Opinion Editorial, Photojournalism, Essays, Criticism, Copyediting, Editing, Sensitivity Reading, Radio Appearances, Television Appearances, Podcast Appearances
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