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Image is a photo of Pluto from New Horizons' fly-by, it has been edited to have a glitch effect, which makes the image look slightly blurred, colored in a rainbow pattern.
United States of America
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My name is Vivian/Pluto, I'm an autistic transwoman writer and science enthusiast. I love everything and anything that exists in space! Anything that gets pushed aside or ignored (like Pluto or brown dwarfs) has a special place in my heart. I primarily do freelance content writing and love it when I get the chance for more interesting/creative work. In my own time, I work on my sci-fi novel and write passionately about the cosmos!
Sciences, Books, Poetry, Fiction, Art, Education, LGBQT, Sexuality, Technology
Personal Essays, Opinion Editorial, Essays, Criticism, Editing, Sensitivity Reading
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