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Image Description: Selfie of a white person with light brown hair wearing brown overalls. The frame of the image cuts around the person’s shoulders, and they are stationed in front of a pale yellow brick wall beside a large window that pours in sunlight across the image frame, onto parts of the figure’s face, and diagonally across the brick wall.
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Alexandra Box (b. 1997) is a transdisciplinary artist, art administrator, and researcher who is studying the history of art at the University of Toronto. Currently, Alexandra is completing a CGS-M SSHRC-supported project on Claude Cahun and serves on the Board of Directors at Forest City Gallery, artist-run centre as the Chair of Policy & Governance. Alexandra’s art historical research leaps between disablement in art, artist personae, extractivism, institutional critique, and anti-fascisms. Arriving from positions in book lending, selling and making initiatives, Alexandra approaches writing as an extension of this trade. Alexandra’s work has been published by Hearth, Painwise Press, Peripheral Review and The Capilano Review. Currently taking on access consulting, alt-text/image description, and access guide writing work.
Medicine, Film, Theatre, Art, Accessibility, History, Criticism, Education, LGBQT, Disability, Sexuality
Personal Essays, Opinion Editorial, Essays, Criticism, Sensitivity Reading
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