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I'm a Yorkshire born-and-bred writer, currently balancing blogging, freelance writing and social media management in the chronic illness- charity sector. My work has been published for a variety of organisations including The Huffington Post, MTV UK, Scope, Debut Insights, Disability Rights UK, as well as multiple chronic illness charities and patient groups. I also love to work with relevant and fitting brands over on my blog and social media: Life Of Pippa. My experience lies in long-term conditions, invisible illness, disability, accessible employment, student life, theatre, books, fundraising, and much more too. In 2015, I founded my own social enterprise: Spoonie Survival Kits. 'Spoonie' being the slang word for somebody with a chronic illness, the kits are little bags of happiness to provide comfort to recipients and remind them that they haven't been forgotten. To date, we have raised over £5,000 for various charities, and we also now provide accessible volunteering opportunities to those with long-term conditions. You can find out more about us at As mentioned, I also enjoy theatre and books, and blog about these in a personal capacity. Accessible theatre is particularly important to me, and I rate every show I see on a 'chronic illness-friendly scale', in the hope of making the industry more inclusive for all. In 2018, I was thrilled to be honoured at the prestigious Olivier Awards for my work in accessible theatre. You can keep up to date with my theatre reviews, bookish chats and general life shenanigans at, and get in touch with me at lifeofpippablog at for media enquiries, advocacy opportunities, or just a general chit-chat; I'll pop the kettle on!
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