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A selfie of Jill Rattray — she is a pale white woman with pink and lilac hair
United Kingdom
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I’m Jill, I’m 41, and I love watching television and I love writing about i I’m Jay, I’m in my 40s and I love watching television and I love writing about it. Because of various health problem I don’t get out much, so television and the internet. I’m passionate about increased inclusion of disabled people in front and behind the camera in television and film. And I am vehemently against disabled mimicry or “cripping up” as it’s better known, and I’m passionate about better representation of disabled people, not just in terms of casting but in terms of how we’re written and how issue that affect us are written about. I’m based in Scotland in United Kingdom, and I can also write about issues that affect disabled people in the UK, particularly Scotland. I’m autistic and I have ADHD, chronic migraine, and arthritis. I've appeared on the West Wing Weekly and across the internet. The West Wing Weekly interview Transcript
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