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Image: A white woman's smiling face. She has freckles, and her smile is wide. She has dark hair with turquoise streaks, pulled back from her face. She is wearing a black dress with white stars on it, and the handle of a green walking stick can be seen in the bottom right corner. Contact Fiona: charm_quark at
United Kingdom
Website and social media Twitter: @knittingquark, @fionaSNP Facebook: Instagram: @knitting_quark
I am a disability activist living in Scotland, involved in politics, advocacy and evidence-based policy. I was studying Theoretical Physics before getting sick, and science is still important to me. I began a writing degree through the OU with the aim of doing more science writing, as I spend a lot of time translating research into non-scientist language, but I got sidetracked by necessity into politics as disabled people in the UK become more at risk. I am currently the SNP's National Women's and Equalities Convener.
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