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Author, Kimberly M. Scott
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Kimberly Michelle Scott is from Montgomery, AL. She is a graduate of Liberty University where she attained her M. Ed. She is an emerging author with an original voice and a fresh perspective. From Now until Infinity: A Reflection into Womanhood is her first poetry collection released in 2006. Since then her follow-up book, From Infinity until Beyond: A Journey into Life, was published in 2010. Her poetry was previously published in The Penman Review. In 2017 she was honored as a Moe’s Hero for her memoir, From Victim to Victor. This memoir also appears in Amazon bestseller, HerStory, and is featured in May 2017 edition of Guidepost Magazine. As a previous freelance author, Kimberly’s articles can be found on various websites, including The Guardian. Her latest piece, Infiniteness, is a part of her long-standing list of poetry found in the three-book compilation, The Infinity Collection.
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Bachelor's of Science in General Education Masters of Education in Teaching and Learning with a concentration in English Author of The Infinity Collection (a three-book poetry compilation) Author of NAKED: Monologues for African American Women