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Media, Pop Culture, Books, Film, Television, Theatre, Fiction, Art, Politics, Ethics, Philosophy, Sports, Disability Culture, Accessibility, Disability Rights, History, Criticism, Education, Americans with Disabilities Act, Food, Feminism, LGBQT, Disability, Sexuality, Lifestyle, Beauty Carly Heath earned her BA from San Francisco State University and her MFA from Chapman University. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Carly teaches design, art, theater, and writing for various colleges and universities. Queer and hard-of-hearing, she spends all her time and most her money tending to a menagerie of rescued farm animals. Her debut YA novel, THE RECKLESS KIND, comes out Nov. 2 from Soho Teen.
Books, Fiction, Disability Culture, Accessibility, Disability Rights, History, Education, LGBQT, Disability, Sexuality I am a white disabled queer writer who writes about my experiences with disability and queerness and how I relate to the world around me. I also write fiction often involving queer and/or disabled characters. I am an undergraduate rising Senior at Sarah Lawrence College studying creative writing, the social sciences. and history
Media, Books, Politics, Disability Culture, Accessibility, Disability Rights, History, Education, Disability, Relationships, Lifestyle Lacey Lyons has taught English with an emphasis in disability studies at Belmont University since 2011. Her courses include study-abroad courses, “Third-Year Writing: Communication and Integration in Disability Studies,” and “A Writer’s Notebook,” a freshman writing course. In addition, Lyons tutors in the writing center of the university. She serves as the board chair of Disability Rights Tennessee. Her writing has appeared in Southern Review of Books, The Tennessean, Technology Advice, and The Charlotte Viewpoint. Her editing work focuses on health care and disability rights, the arts, race and culture. She has served as the editor of author Dianne Liuzzi Hagan, whose books can be found on Amazon.
Media, Pop Culture, Television, Disability Culture, Accessibility, Disability Rights, Feminism, Disability, Lifestyle, Beauty Hi! I’m Roisin, I am a 20 year old student studying media journalism and publishing with Cerebral Palsy. I love writing/fashion/makeup and also have a passion for photography. I am also lucky enough to do some modelling on the side! I like generally to write opinion-pieces, and often centre these around the focus of disability. I would love to be a journalist/presenter and a spokesperson for disabled people
Fiction, Politics, Ethics, Accessibility, Education, Feminism, LGBQT, Disability, Relationships, Sexuality I'm a new writer who is trying to start blogging and talking about my experience with disability and diagnostics. I'm a student of disability studies trying to navigate school, work, and disability in the medical industrial complex. I love basketball, Sci-Fi and fantasy novels, and cripping fashion.
Sciences, Medicine, Politics, Education, Feminism, Disability, Sexuality Epileptic student journalist studying at American University. Work focuses on issues of public health and how it intersects with disability, gender, education, and politics. Currently an investigative reporter for The Eagle and has contributed to digital publications such as and SUDC Foundation’s The Microscope.
Media, Books, Television, Theatre, Politics, Disability Culture, Accessibility, Disability Rights, Education, Feminism, LGBQT, Disability I am an activist and freelance writer and speaker focusing primarily in disability, asexuality and mental health amongst other topics. My specialisms include autism in the media and education; neurodivergence; treatment in inpatient units; intersectionality between asexuality, disability and marginalised genders. Still upcoming in my career, my by-lines currently include Metro Opinion and VICE Motherboard, alongside smaller disability-focused publications such as The Unwritten and Conscious Being. I am open to opinion pieces alongside reported features, and other media formats.
Media, Art, Music, Disability Culture, Accessibility, Disability Rights, Religion, LGBQT, Disability, Service Animals, Travel, Lifestyle I am a Deaf nomadic storyteller with a burning passion for exploring and creating impactful art that pushes the world to become more inclusive. Authenticity is always an essential element that I include in my work to create a visually compelling message. The message itself is as important as the design and appearance, which is often untraditional and diverse. I am eager to leap into the unknown, whether that might be a hot desert, cool rainforest, or a peak of a snowy mountain. My approach to creating memorable adventures is quite similar to how I approach my design and photography strategy. I am ambitious to find traveling photojournalism assignments to raise awareness of the issues regarding human rights. Additionally, I also strive to communicate the severe impact on our Earth by climate change through my silent perspective in photography.
Poetry, Fiction, Art, Disability Culture, Accessibility, Disability Rights, Education, Disability I am a disabled artist and writer living with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Dysautonomia (POTS), and Post-traumatic stress disorder. I am currently studying sociology and gender and women's studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I write about my experiences as a disabled person on the Rooted in Rights blog. Other personal essays and opinion pieces have appeared in local Madison-area magazines, where I have written about my identities as a disabled, queer, survivor of childhood sexual abuse. In the past, I have also written on the topics of forced psychiatric institutionalization, work, housing insecurity, sexual violence, trauma, youth homelessness, asexuality, and chronic illness. I create narrative and informational comics and illustrations about living with POTS and navigating trauma. In addition to my writing and art, I serve on the board of Disability Pride Madison, a group of disabled activists in Madison, WI. I am happy to be contacted to write about the above topics as well as commissioned for artwork or illustrations.
Education, Disability, Travel, Lifestyle 22 year old with multiple chronic illnesses, attempting to help others on their health journey and hope they don't have to be dismissed and ignored like I was at the beginning ! I am a recent university graduate who loves coffee, bullet journalling and fashion !