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Media, Pop Culture, History, Disability, Technology Katrina Janco is a Penn graduate, where she majored in communication and minored in Russian history and culture. While at Penn, she was an Annenberg in Washington fellow, an Alliance for Understanding participant, and an award-winning features writer at 34th Street, the undergraduate arts and culture magazine. She currently contributes to NJ Pen, and recently became a student volunteer for First Draft News, where she assists newsrooms across the country fight disinformation. She is currently looking for entry-level full time employment in journalism, and freelancing opportunities.
Food, Religion, Sexuality, Travel I live in rural Minnesota less than a hour from Minneapolis. I was a Catholic Priest for 20 years where I did much writing including a self published book. The book was about a debilitating illness called Gullian Barre Syndrome. I was also asked to retire from priesthood because of my bipolar disorder and post traumatic stress syndrome. Prior to Seminary I received a degree in Food Science. I worked four years in the industry before dedicating a good portion of my life to the Church. I worked urban, suburban and rural ministry.
Media, Medicine, Books, Politics, Ethics, Disability Culture, Accessibility, Disability Rights, Religion, LGBQT, Disability Joan Downs has had many of her letters to the editor published in The Capital Times, Wisconsin State Journal, Isthmus, all in Madison, Wisconsin, and in other media. Her article, "William English Walling," was published in the Dictionary of Literary Biography, Vol. 345: American Radical and Reform Writers, Second Series, Ed. H. L. Furey, Gale Cengage, 2009, 322-333.
Media, Film, Television, Disability Culture, Accessibility, Disability Rights, Disability, Travel HR Professional
Music, Politics, Disability Culture, Accessibility, Disability Rights, Education, Disability I have been a community journalist in Boston and several suburbs over the past two decades. I primarily report on politics, education, development, social justice issues, and entertainment. I have also worked in state and city government.
Media, Sciences, Fiction, Art, Politics, Mathematics, Ethics, Philosophy, History, Criticism, Education, Feminism, Race, Religion, LGBQT, Disability, Sexuality Researcher and journalist in applied mathematics, anthropology, plus physics.
Film, Television, Theatre, Dance, Ethics, Philosophy, Accessibility, Disability Rights, History, Americans with Disabilities Act, Disability, Travel Maurice Kimball is the author of the Wild Love Book Series. Diagnosed with sensory processing disorder, a learning disability, and an auditory processing disorder, Maurice has navigated numerous challenges to share his stories with the world. His journey began when he started university to pursue a bachelor's in theology, using daily writing to improve his academic skills. This practice evolved into a passion for storytelling, culminating in his debut book, "A Mountain's Secret." Maurice is also a disability advocate, recently winning a significant lawsuit for neurodivergent rights. His works explore themes of love, growth, and the intersection between human and nature. Maurice is dedicated to raising awareness and representation of disabilities through his writing.
Media, Art, Disability Culture I am a twenty two year old new upcoming author who struggles with mental health, and some cognitive learning disability. My unpublished book called “Beautiful Scars” is about me trying hard to be okay and letting people know that they are not alone.
Books I have been a published author since 2015. I am co-owner of Restless Hearts Publishing since 2022. I studied Journalism at Pierce College where I wrote articles about such topics as social injustices and disabilities.
Pop Culture, Film, Television, Poetry, Music, Politics, Criticism, Lifestyle Daryl Perry is a recent graduate from the University of Maryland’s Philip Merrill College of Journalism and aspires to be a multimedia feature or investigative journalist. As a student, he worked with various student publications as a reporter and photographer, including The Diamondback, the university’s independent student newspaper. He has previously held internships at USA TODAY, The Wall Street Journal and The Daily Dot. Outside of journalism, Daryl enjoys video editing, writing poetry and fiber arts.