Welcome to the Disabled Writers Blog

One of the foundational principles of Disabled Writers is connecting writers and editors with resources. That includes our database, but also mentoring and sponsorship (coming soon!) and our blog, in which experienced writers and editors talk about the challenges they’ve faced, dole out advice to help early-career writers and editors avoid their mistakes, and talk frankly about the media industry.

We’re pleased to host a variety of people on the blog from all walks of life and all stages of their media careers, and we hope that you find someone whose words resonate with yours or who offers useful insight into a frustrating process, whether it’s pitching or chasing down invoices. (Speaking of pitching, if you have a submission for the blog, email — we pay $250 for 1000-1200 words.)

Check back once a month for updates (we’re a quality, not quantity joint), and follow us on Twitter (@disabledwriters) if you haven’t already.