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Media, Fiction, Politics, Disability Culture, Disability Rights, History, LGBQT, Disability I write about injustice, historical contexts for ableism such as eugenics, policy issues affecting disabled people such as psychiatric inpatient facilities, and intersecting identities. My expertise for such work is research, study, professional disability rights work, and lived experience as a low-income Autistic, nonbinary/queer writer with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and mental health disabilities. I am also studying to convert to Judaism. Previous work has appeared in NOS Magazine, The Deaf Poets Society, and The Establishment. In addition to essays and opinion pieces, I am available for sensitivity reads and editing work.
Accessibility, Disability, Lifestyle Shari Eberts is a hearing health advocate, writer speaker, and avid Bikram yogi. She is the founder of, an online community for people with hearing loss, where she blogs about her experiences living with hearing loss and tinnitus. She serves on the board of Hearing Loss Association of America. Shari has an adult-onset genetic hearing loss and hopes that by sharing her story, it will help others to live more peacefully with their own hearing issues. Her writing has been featured in The Huffington Post, Woman’s Day, Good Housekeeping, Healthy Living Magazine, Audiology Practices and The Hearing Journal.
Media, Books, Theatre, Fiction, Dance, Disability Culture, Accessibility, Disability Rights, Education, Food, Disability, Travel, Lifestyle I'm a Yorkshire born-and-bred writer, currently balancing blogging, freelance writing and social media management in the chronic illness- charity sector. My work has been published for a variety of organisations including The Huffington Post, MTV UK, Scope, Debut Insights, Disability Rights UK, as well as multiple chronic illness charities and patient groups. I also love to work with relevant and fitting brands over on my blog and social media: Life Of Pippa. My experience lies in long-term conditions, invisible illness, disability, accessible employment, student life, theatre, books, fundraising, and much more too. In 2015, I founded my own social enterprise: Spoonie Survival Kits. 'Spoonie' being the slang word for somebody with a chronic illness, the kits are little bags of happiness to provide comfort to recipients and remind them that they haven't been forgotten. To date, we have raised over £5,000 for various charities, and we also now provide accessible volunteering opportunities to those with long-term conditions. You can find out more about us at As mentioned, I also enjoy theatre and books, and blog about these in a personal capacity. Accessible theatre is particularly important to me, and I rate every show I see on a 'chronic illness-friendly scale', in the hope of making the industry more inclusive for all. In 2018, I was thrilled to be honoured at the prestigious Olivier Awards for my work in accessible theatre. You can keep up to date with my theatre reviews, bookish chats and general life shenanigans at, and get in touch with me at lifeofpippablog at for media enquiries, advocacy opportunities, or just a general chit-chat; I'll pop the kettle on!
Pop Culture, Sports, Disability Rights, History, Education, Disability, Beauty Valerie is a PhD Candidate of History at Princeton University, where she studies poverty in the Middle Ages. She has been a wheelchair user since 2008, and has written about disability for the New York Times and Inside Higher Ed. Her interests include disability in higher education, inclusive education, and the history of disability in the Middle Ages.
Pop Culture, Sciences, Television, Education, Food, Disability, Relationships, Travel, Lifestyle, Beauty Sunny Fitzgerald is a freelance writer and sustainable travel specialist. Her work appears in National Geographic, The New York Times, Lonely Planet, BBC Travel, Health Central, and more. Specialties include migraines, hemiplegic migraines, chronic illness, neurological disorders, celiac disease, travel, nature, environment, susustainability, health, anxiety, wellness, alternative medicine.
Pop Culture, Books, Theatre, Education, Feminism, Race, LGBQT, Sexuality Anthony James Williams (they/them pronouns) is a proud Black queer nonbinary sociology PhD student studying race and incarceration. They began statewide Black student organizing with the Afrikan Black Coalition before leaving and starting Black grassroots organizing in Oakland, CA with the Black Organizing Project.
Books, Poetry, Fiction, History, Criticism, Food, Feminism, Religion, Disability, Lifestyle Allison Bird Treacy is an essayist, professional ghostwriter, and poet living in Holyoke, Massachusetts. She has a BA in English Literature & Women's Studies from Smith College and an MA in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies with an emphasis on Disability Studies from Emory University. Bird's work focuses on issues of mental health, autism, and the history of institutionalization, and her thesis work considered how modern reproductive technology intersects with the history of eugenics.
Media, Medicine, Disability Culture, Accessibility, Disability Rights, Criticism, Education, Americans with Disabilities Act, Feminism, Race, LGBQT, Disability, Relationships, Sexuality, Technology, Lifestyle Robin Wilson-Beattie is a speaker, writer, and advocate for disability and sexuality as well as one of the first people to talk about disability, sexuality, and marketing to adult product retailers and manufacturers. She combines years of personal experience with medically sound research to provide a unique perspective on how life and identity impacts one's sexual expression. Her speaking engagements include multiple keynotes and panels, including three consecutive years speaking at the Adult Video News convention in Las Vegas. Her work has not only helped tens of thousands of disabled people, but also inspired many others to become advocates for sexuality and disability education, an incredibly underserved area. Robin is a member of the Association of American Sexual Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT), the Women of Color Sexual Health Network (WOCSHN), and a graduate and member of the San Francisco Sexuality Information Training (SFSI). Currently, she is working on a book that shares the reproductive health experiences of people with disabilities. Robin is a deep-fried Southern woman, mid-century buff, and proud Mama of one amazing person.
Pop Culture, Books, Poetry, Art, Politics, Disability Culture, Disability Rights, Criticism, Education, Feminism, Race, LGBQT, Disability, Sexuality, Beauty Hablo Rodriguez-Williams is an unapologetic, Brown, genderqueer artist, poet, freelance writer, author, scholar, disability rights organizer, native, herbal healer and social critic. As a shape shifting, self proclaimed, "Sadboi", Hablo's werk centers a decolonial lens around Queer and Trans POWER and disability. Hablo's work emphasizes everything unapologetically feminine and the ever queering of the word "femme". Hablo's spoken word shines light on the often overlooked, "gritty", parts of queerness, decolonialism and disability. Through their own multiplicities and intersectionalities of their existence; as a first generation Colombian and Indigenous disabled person, Hablo's capacity for story telling allows for them to be instrumental to a cultural movement and narrative of resistance.
Media, Pop Culture, Books, Music, Politics, Philosophy, Disability Culture, Accessibility, Disability Rights, Americans with Disabilities Act, Feminism, Religion, Disability, Relationships, Sexuality, Travel, Lifestyle, Beauty Gaelynn Lea won NPR Music's Tiny Desk Contest in 2016, and she's been on the road ever since playing her unique mix of haunting original songs and traditional fiddle tunes. So far the singer-songwriter and violinist has appeared in 43 states and 7 countries - she's graced the stage of renowned venues like Nashville’s Music City Roots, The Kennedy Center, House of Blues and even BBC World News. “The way her voice resonates is so unusual and beautiful, like nothing I’ve ever heard before.” (Jess Wolfe, Lucius) In addition to performing and recording, Gaelynn also does speaking engagements about disability rights, finding inner freedom, and accessibility in the arts. In recent years, she has used her music as a platform to advocate for people with disabilities and to promote positive social change. Gaelynn is currently working on a memoir about her touring adventures and disability advocacy that she plans to release in 2022.