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Expertise Disability
Bio Ryan “Fraser” Hickey was born on August 23rd in Lismore New South Wales, Australia. Ryan writes under the pen name of Fraser and has been diagnosed with high functioning Autism. Ryan uses his writing talent as a creative outlet and he sees his disability as an ability to create children’s literature. I am working on a book series called ‘DalleyTales’. It’s a series of tales about animals and humans who have an encounter with parnormal beings. The series is focused on the morals of life. The first book he’s writing is called ‘Ned Kelpie’. The book Ned Kelpie is based on family pets. The story focus’s on a twelve year old Australian red Kelpie and his adventures.
Expertise Media, Music, Disability Culture, Accessibility, Disability Rights, Disability, Travel
Bio I'm a blind journalist and campaigner from Aotearoa New Zealand, currently studying towards a Masters in Investigative Journalism in Gothenburg, Sweden. In Aotearoa, I interned as a reporter with national media outlet Newshub. I also worked as a campaigner for accessibility law, and on two disability-related interview projects. I campaigned, especially for fossil fuel divestment, with climate justice organisation 350 Aotearoa, and have also worked with them on resources for making climate action more accessible. My writing has appeared in New Zealand and European media and blogs, including Newshub, The Spinoff, The Daily Blog and Netzwerk Recherche. I am particularly interested in climate action reporting, including the intersections between disability and climate change, along with reporting focusing on authentic disability angles on just about any subject. I have also written about how journalists can create more such disability-related reporting, as well as fostering more inclusive work environments for disabled reporters. I speak English, Spanish, French and some Swedish.
Expertise Media, Pop Culture, Books, Film, Television, Theatre, Fiction, Art, Music, Politics, Criticism, Sexuality, Technology
Bio I am 24 year old freelance writer, video editor, and audio producer. I am also a security guard who has worked for over five years at CitiField in Queens, NY. I am someone who started out wanting to cover video games for a living, but have expanded to other topics such as labor organizing, politics, entertainment, and society in general. I am hoping to receive more freelance work as a person with autism and ADHD, or a full-time job as a staff writer or video producer.
Expertise Poetry, Fiction, Art, Disability Culture, Education, Disability
Bio I am a disabled artist and writer living with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Dysautonomia, and Post-traumatic stress disorder. I am currently studying sociology and gender and women's studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I write about my experiences as a disabled person on the Rooted in Rights blog. Other personal essays and opinion pieces have appeared in local Madison-area magazines, where I have written about my identities as a disabled, queer, survivor of childhood sexual abuse. In the past, I have also written on the topics of forced psychiatric institutionalization, work, housing insecurity, sexual violence, trauma, youth homelessness, asexuality, and chronic illness. I create narrative and informational comics and illustrations about living with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and navigating trauma. In addition to my writing and art, I currently volunteer with Disability Pride Madison to bring the local Disability Pride Festival to Madison’s Tenney Park each July. I am happy to be contacted to write about the above topics as well as commissioned for artwork or illustrations.
Expertise Pop Culture, Sciences, Medicine, Law, Books, Politics, Mathematics, Ethics, Philosophy, Disability Culture, History, Criticism, Feminism, Disability, Travel
Bio Freelance writer and researcher based in Canberra, Australia. I write on the intersections of culture, justice, health, and technology.
Expertise Media, Pop Culture, Books, Television, Accessibility, Criticism, Education, Food, Feminism, Race, Religion, Relationships, Travel, Beauty
Bio I am a black woman with MS.
Expertise Pop Culture, Disability Culture, Accessibility, Disability Rights, History, Feminism, Race
Bio 19 year old freelance writer. Physically disabled. First gen college student. Social work student.
Expertise Sciences, Medicine, Books, Poetry, Fiction, Music, Ethics, Philosophy, Sports, Disability Culture, Accessibility, Education, Feminism, Disability, Relationships, Sexuality, Technology
Bio I have experience in the areas of copywriting, copy editing, medical writing, medical copywriting, non-fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, technical writing and synthesizing complex information and data into laymen's terms. Professional skills include scientific blog writing, landing page creation, live data entry, research proposal creation, literature review, and meta-analysis creations, analytic laboratory work/data analysis and input, marketing, event planning, volunteer management, and recruitment and in-kind donation solicitation.
Expertise Politics, Disability Culture, Accessibility, Disability Rights, Education, Feminism, Disability, Relationships, Sexuality
Bio I am a freelance journalist, covering a myriad of topics including disability, current affairs, British Politics, International Relations, sex, sexuality, feminism, and news.
Expertise Media, Medicine, Sports, Disability Rights
Bio I've been a professional journalist for 15 years, writing for publications that include The Washington Post. I was the health care reporter for the Kansas City Star and now am an editor for a medical journal. I've also written two non-fiction books: Worth the Pain ( and The Klinefelter Legacy (